Starting Back Up (Hiatus Over)

Hey folks, Dirk here.

I am happy to say that I'm returning to developing Ocean Avenue! I've been working on the dialogue for the next update under the radar (in case the burnout became permanent), and I'm starting to get back into things again. At the moment, I have one scene left to write (HINT: It involves Vic and Selma), then after that, I will be working with AWKN_Arts and Camazule to develop more art and music. 

I'll post in the dev log once the update is ready, so be prepared! :)

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Glad to have u back


I hope the hyend become a character we can chat up hehe it a amazing game


I hope fur the best!  Giving updates on the situation(s) is important to keep us connected to what is going on, so we are not left to wonder.  I love this VN very much.


Welcome back! Take care of your mental self, it needs love, too!


wow barely 3 months, i assumed at least a year hiatus haha excellent news

Ha ha, thanks. It's my first time committing to a writing hiatus, so I didn't know what the "expected" time would be. Guess I got lucky that my motivation came back earlier than expected.


I'm so happy and excited to hear that. Can't wait! :)