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Ocean Avenue is a "slice of life" visual novel, following the lives of five college students who come together through one common factor: volleyball. Each of them has their own interests beyond the sport, but it is what keeps them connected.

The story will have a great focus on their interests, and how it will affect their lives going forward. All of them have expectations from family, mentors, etc. that will leave an impact their choices. However, you can make a difference! You get to play as Evan, a transfer student from the suburbs who recently arrived at the University of San Vicente, a big-city university right along on the ocean. Will the city eat him alive, or will he persevere through the concrete jungle (and beach)?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! You can also leave feedback for me on this Google Forms survey: https://forms.gle/94iRhD3k3foXcbHo9

After every update release, the previous update's responses get saved into a spreadsheet, and get cleared from the existing Google Form to make it easier to read through the new update's responses.

The visual novel does not have a concrete release schedule at the moment, but Patrons will get each release 7 days in advance before the public release. Here is a link my Patreon if you want that perk: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19921505

You can also check out Dirk's Discord server (which contains channels for Ocean Avenue content): https://discord.com/invite/awu8F3J

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(142 total ratings)
AuthorDirk the Red Panda
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsbeach, Furry, LGBT, ocean, Slice Of Life, volleyball


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Thank you for the eurovision, furry edition.

It would be really helpful and make it a lot more engaging if you took a moment to explain the rules and phrases of beach volleyball! Especially since we have to make timed decisions! great game so far!


will there be added NSFW?

Hey Dirk I really want to reiterate that this visual novel is absolutely hilarious and I hope everything goes well with it I especially want to see what happens with Marcus because I chose to have Evan hang out with him I hope Marcus will realize that Evan might have affections for him but I know that's just wishful thinking on my part they have such a good dynamic together


Does this count as a romance vn?

Yessir, it's coming!


I'm really enjoying Ocean Avenue and hope to see more content (I definitely didn't download it just because the main character is a raccoon). For real though, I love the story, the art, and I think Vic is hilarious! 

I'm honored to hear that! It's nice to see people enjoy my silly ideas.


Hello, Dirk. I played an earlier version when you first released the game and I waited over a year know and finally saw some better progress and I'm impressed!!! The art-style is fantastic and colorful! And there's some lesser know species you have chosen like maned wolves, I hope I get to see more in the future. Keep up the good work! 😀

Thanks! I'm taking my time with it, and putting what I love in it.


Oh my god it's Logan Paul!!!

Didn't you had a similar message below but with another image? 😅  Perhaps you forgot because it was sometime ago, but it's there.

Yeah I know, thought it'd be funny to just randomly bring it up again 

Do you need to rest? Don't push yourself just because you couldn't put the update yesterday. Things happen that are beyond our control every now and then.


Ruben is extremely hot.

I hope there will be a route for him in the future.

(1 edit)

We sure love our leggy bois!

Unfortunately, we do not have any immediate plans for a Ruben route, but he will be present throughout the other routes.

I enjoyef the new update. Apparently the police don't like hyenas. How large is Vic? Also, Is there going to be height stats of the main characters including the human character later on. Just curious how humans compare to the furry characters in this vn.

Vic is 7’1”. It could be a fun idea to make a stats page for the characters. I’d have to take some time for it, but maybe down the road. Humans tend to be 6-12” shorter on average than many anthro species. I haven’t thought much else about it as of yet.

How are things going with the hiatus as of late?

(1 edit)

I felt identified with the protagonist and of course I loved the story! , sad for the hiatus but I won't lose hope


Will there be nsfw?

The only noticeable con is the quality of some sprites and backgrounds. Otherwise, the game is quite good. Personally I'm interested in Selma's route. Can anyone say whether she will have one?  By route I mean romantic relationship.


Whats the gender of the protagonist?


Male I'm pretty sure. I don't see any notion that he's anything else.


I'm really enjoying this and I can't wait for the next update. Anything that has Eurovision and hunky hyenas get an A+ from me!


When's the next update? I want to see more of Vic and Marcus


I'm not sure, because I'm taking on another creative project at the moment. I'll try to work on it between that, but if I had to guess, maybe in a few months.


I must say I was a bit put off by some art I saw at first, but I accidentally saw some screenshots of the VN on twitter (thanks garrus :P) and I ended up trying it out. I'm not really big on volleyball or sports but I like this marcus fellow :p


I just want to know is Vic a option I'm confused


dirk said vic, marcus, kenny and selma are routes!

hey dirk the red panda i play it have some error can you fix it


Is this VN NSFW?


Wait a damn minute, I had no clue dirk made his own VN ._.


Dirk Hi!!!!

Is the update almost upon us?


I'm gonna make a post about it on here, because we're in a bit of an odd situation. So yes, but also no.

Saw the post, thanks for the info!


Oh my god it's Logan Paul


This hurts to read. XD


You gotta admit there's a resemblance

Is it SFW ?


Yes, but we may add NSFW scenes in the future. We will mention it in the description if we do so.

There's no download option.

Ok, is not only me. Nice


So I realized I accidentally left extra dialogue from Day 4 in the code, so I had to remove it, and repost the update. Should be downloadable now!


Yes, now we can. And it's understable


This is strictly my two cents, perhaps others disagree.  I notice on your patreon page you are offering side writing projects for increased tiers.  This could actually turn people off and have them not be patreons.  Because now they're thinking about how time will be spent away from the project they want to see progressed.  I've seen with VN porjects, picture galleries and decision polls offered for higher tier.  May want to consider using those as rewards instead. 

Thanks for the feedback. They are voicing commissions, rather than writing, but no one has asked for those things yet. I might consider adjusting the tier with specific artwork and VN content, but I'll have to ask my Patrons first for their opinion.


Before downloading it i just wanna know is there any nsfw involved?

Same question


Good question! There is no NSFW content as of the latest update. If we decide to place NSFW content in the game, we will mention it during the update's announcement.

thank you

Sure thing!

I can't install the application and I don't know what to do :(

Which version are you downloading? PC, Mac, or Android?


Hmm...I'm not as familiar with Android, since I don't own any Android products. Does it not download, or can it not open? Did you already have a previous update of the game?

I can download it but I can't install it and it's the game I'll just play it

That's strange. I know for sure that many people downloaded the Android version and could play it. If anyone sees this comment, maybe they can give instructions on how to reinstall it properly.

The only other explanation I can think of is not having enough storage on your Android device. Sorry to hear about the issue!

Do you have some file explorer?

Just one thing: What the meaning of B.L.O.? XD I couldn't find it on internet. And since english is not my native language...

(2 edits) (+2)

It’s a Bacon, Lettuce, and Onion sandwich.

Normally the sandwich is a B L T (bacon, lettuce, tomato) but Marcus and Evan talk about how they hate tomato, and change it to onion instead when they make the sandwich.

Oh, Thank you! :)


We need more Kenny content!


Wait until you see update 4.0! :)



Hello. This VN seems pretty cool. I am using an old computer, but skipping is really slow, in the sense that it stutters a lot more than other VNs made with renpy.

Interesting. I did disable timed events, starting with update 3.1, so there should be fewer of those. If there are any events that slow it down besides choices, let me know, and I'll see what I can do there.

(3 edits) (+5)(-1)

I just saw the new update 3.1 and 3.2 in the devlog and saw Vic's new CG, he's just delicious looking, just perfection. 

hey dirk there is one problem, so I'm stuck in main menu and can't click anything, and i think it's because i recently updated my android into android 11, 

this also happens in other renpy vn like i.c.o and lyre, and i already ask them about this bug but, cetrus dev of ico said he can't help since he say he's not much a programmer himself and i don't get answers from developers of lyre but there is some user that have same problem agrees with me that's its because android 11 since his phone is also android 11, this is so weird since other vn is doing just fine in android 11 like tenis ace or temptation ballad so why only you guys that have this bug, then i remember that you help cetrus in programming so i try your vn and since i already have your vn before because i see your YouTube chanel i just need to install and open it but then same thing happens i stuck in main menu and can't click anything

so yeah please dirk help me fix this issue since i really would like to be able to play your vn and ico again 

Hi MichaelaEV, I'm testing out the phone version of the game on my computer right now, and I don't see any issues. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the game or a problem on your end. The android version of this game is a universal package, so maybe it could be a problem with android 11.

If anyone else is playing this game on an android, could you reply to this comment, saying if the game works for you or not? I don't have an android myself, so I can't troubleshoot the issue directly.

I have same problem with android 11, I recently got new tab, and some vn not start after install, like Lyre, TSR and now ocean avenue, game crash in menu, didnt find any solution, my tab has only 1280 resolution, my old tab i never updated on adroid 4 worked all but battery is so bad now


You have to uninstall and reinstall it back, and it will work normally, except erasing all save file

Any news about a new update release from the VN? It's been a while...


Yes! I just posted on the official Twitter account. Update 3.1 should be out within 2 weeks (3 at the absolute latest). We have been reconfiguring GUI layout and will have three fully revamped CG's done for this update!


Good to know, can't wait! :) 


There seems to be a problem with one of Roger's sprites. It's constantly marking it as missing.

Yeah, the same issue is happening to me :/


looks to be a typo in the file name

(2 edits)

Thanks for finding the cause of the error! I'll make changes to the file, and upload them ASAP.

EDIT: It should be fixed now!

(3 edits)

Thanks for letting me know! I found the issue in the replies, and have corrected the code typo. The game should be re-uploaded with fixed code within the new few hours (since it takes my computer a while to upload these big files, and I also have to update the ones placed in my Patron folder).

EDIT: It should be fixed now!


Vic looks deliciously hot. Can't wait to see what the next update brings!


I'm working on a scene with him right now! :)

Oh, really?  Color me intrigued. 


I really appreciate the fact that you used legit pictures of SoCal, it's been super fun finding the locations on google Maps

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